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You Might Be a Dog Trainer If…

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Let’s face it…there is a dog training movement happening. The best/worst ways to train your pooch is all over the news, social media and coffee shops. Everyone is a trainer. Whether you follow the Force-Free revolution (as I do) or you believe the a shock and prong collars have a place in the training world (not beyond the realm of possibility), we are a new breed of our own. We are die-hard trainers. And we live life a bit differently than others 🙂

You might be a dog trainer if…

  • …You catch yourself marking behaviors other than the dog’s, in public
  • …You have a clicker on your arm, in your car, first aide kit and multiple drawers in the house
  • …You have a stash of high, medium and low value treats in every jacket
  • …You spent more on your treat bag than your purse/wallet
  • …You don’t wear black
  • …You have multiple different types of drool on your sneakers
  • …You can rattle off the mearning of DRI, DRO and VR schedules faster than the names of your family members
  • …The names Ian Dunbar, Cesar Milan and B.F Skinner elicit strong emotions in you (whether good or bad)

  • …You can fit a harness faster than put on your own belt
  • …’Let’s go’ is an emergency term
  • …You may go for a walk at 3 am to avoid triggers
  • …You have keen eyesight for other dogs and men with hats but can walk into a wall
  • …You remember the names of the dogs you work with but not the owners
  • …You can be heard yelling “yes” a hundred times while out for a walk
  • …You keep the blinds closed 24/7
  • …Other trainers and dog people are your only friends
  • …You carry a stick or pepper spray
  • …A flexi leash is the bane of your existence
  • …You want to stop every dog owner on the street and ‘share’ your knowledge (But you don’t)
  • …Off leash dog parks are a grow-your-business opportunity
  • …You can change your tone faster than an opera singer while giving commands to your dog
  • …You can say the word “yes” to mark a behavior faster than you can blink

  • …You have a 2, 4, 6, 10, 15 and 30 foot lead/leash
  • …You understand all four quadrants of behavior modification and may use any combination during a session
  • …You know you are different than other people and you like it!

If you see a person with a loose-leashed dog, a treat bag, possibly a clicker repeating ‘yes’, ‘go sniff’, ‘leave it’, ‘heel’, smile and nod because you may have met a ‘Dog Trainer’.


*On a personal note…I would like to thank Sarah Dykes from Bad Dogs Gone Good for inspiring me to become the best dog trainer I can be (Im learning more every day), for your amazing and endless knowledge, and for your effortless patience and love for dogs!

I also thank my Abby for being the best guinea pig dog a dog lover/trainer could ask for 🙂

Lastly, thank you to Shelia Gunston from Hudson’s Hounds and Kiara Skye from Dawgz Mobile for helping me to further my knowledge in being a better owner and trainer.


What crazy things make you a dog trainer? Share what you would add to the list 🙂


  1. Kiara Skye on September 22, 2017 at 7:16 am

    It’s been such a pleasure working for you and with you! Love the blog!!! Keep up the good work!

    • Elizabeth Eckert on September 22, 2017 at 4:34 pm

      Thank you very much Kiara! You are an amazing trainer and person! I look so forward to our work together 🙂

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