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You Might Be a Dog Owner If…

I don’t know about you but I love dogs and have two of my own 🙂 Dogs are companions who can provide support, therapy, tasks to mitigate a special needs, warmth, friendship, and entertainment. Owning a working or show dog can provide you with the joys of competition, socialization, a hobby, travel and a partnership like no other. However… owning a dog brings much more to the table than a best friend or a sport.

Us true dog owners, those of us who have a dog that is fully integrated into our lives, we know what owning a dog really is…

You might be a dog owner if…

  • …You scare yourself in the middle of the night 5 days a week by stepping on something that squeaks
  • …You don’t need an alarm clock because your dog has an early morn pee schedule
  • …You have resigned yourself to the fact that dog hair is now a food group
  • …Your Mom laughs at you when she notices you are still wearing your clicker on your wrist when you go to a fancy restaurant to eat
  • …You have powerful leg and butt muscles from the constant lunges you do to step over your dog
  • …You have to take the long way around the house because the dog is in the hallway
  • …The scent of drool is your everyday perfume.
  • …You can properly examine and identify parts of dog feces and vomit
  • …You have a ‘crap’ bucket in your back yard
  • …You never leave the house without doggy-doodoo bags
  • …You have more mushed dog treats than lint in your dryer screen
  • …Instead of a family game or movie night, you have family-play-a-game-of-tug nights.
  • …You have more dog beds than people beds and they are memory foam
  • …You frequently wake up in the night unable to move because the dog has more bed than you do and is pinning your legs
  • …You spend as much money on dog food and treats as you do on people food (or more)
  • …You have multiple cans of organic pumpkin and tripe in your cupboard
  • …You say “bye honey, be a good doggy, I love you” when you leave and give a head nod to your spouse.
  • …You have multiple types of treats in every jacket, sweater, pants, shorts and purse pockets
  • …Your lap is shaped differently than other people’s to form to your dog
  • …You have more doggy-sitters than kid sitters lined up for vacations and emergencies
  • …You grind, clip and file your dog’s nails more than your own
  • …You have doggy locks on the garbage can
  • …Your vet is on speed-dial and is okay with your 3 am calls about vomit and sour breath
  • …You share your pooch’s milestones and pictures on social media daily and forget to mention that your child graduated or your family member got married
  • …’Walk Time’ is pre-scheduled into the week as importantly as ‘get groceries’ and ‘pay power bill”
  • …You research dog food brands, buy the best, consider feeding raw but give your family brown sugar/cinnamon/butter sandwiches and chips for supper.
  • …You know the location of your dog’s favorite inside-the-ear scratch spot and wipe the ear wax on your pants
  • …You understand and can relate to each line in this list and could add more 🙂

Owning a dog is a many-year commitment that should not be entered into lightly. If any of the above makes you gag or run for the hills then you should probably get a fish instead.

Dog owners are special…


  1. Jasmine on September 19, 2017 at 8:38 pm

    This is a great list… I especially love the part about wiping ear was on your pants.
    You could even add: having towels with knots. Lol.

    • Elizabeth Eckert on September 19, 2017 at 8:47 pm

      Yes! Towels with knots!
      Blankets on the couch, buckets of toys…..the list goes on 🙂

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